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Youth Can Do It - with your help

No matter what their background, young people can achieve incredible things. Will you help to create opportunities for vulnerable young people to thrive?

Young people are the future. Youth Can Do It.  

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Despite lives stifled by unemployment, homelessness, being in care or being in trouble with the law, young people can succeed with your help.

Young people need you more than ever to give your support.


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Without the right support, those from the most challenging backgrounds might never achieve their potential.

  • Half a million young people aren't in employment. But they want to be
  • Last year we supported 66,000 young people. But there's still more to do
  • Three in four young people who complete our courses move into work, education, training or volunteering 
  • 87p of every £1 gift to The Prince’s Trust is spent on our charitable activities

Young people can change their lives if you give them the chance.

We have an unwavering belief that young people can achieve great things with the right support

We know this because over the past 40 years, thanks to supporters like you, more than 870,000 young people have been helped to turn their lives around. We’ve heard their challenging stories and inspiring dreams, and we’re incredibly proud that every one of them trusted us to stop their past from determining their future.  

Be part of The Prince's Trust community that gives vulnerable young people the chance to build a life for themselves. Help to train, mentor and support them to build their skills and confidence. 

Together we can put in the extra hour, raise the extra pound and go the extra mile.


Spread the word that help is available

The Prince’s Trust offers free courses that help 11-30 years olds gain the skills and confidence they need to live, learn and earn. But many don’t know the support is out there.

Tell young people in your community that, right now, free help and support is available.

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£23 could get a young person to a day of speed interviews, with support to find themselves a job, ready to change their lives.

Give a young person a chance today

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You can take on a challenge that helps young people face theirs.  Get on your bike, get baking, climb a mountain or even jump out of a plane.

Achieve your goal and make a difference



Give your time as a mentor and use your expertise to unlock skills and nuture ambition.

Create a better future

Volunteer for us

Leave a gift

Give a gift in your will and give future generations the chance to take control. 

Transform young lives

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