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1 Million Minutes

This year, The Prince's Trust is a charity partner for Good Morning Britain's 1 Million Minutes campaign which encourages the nation to volunteer to help end loneliness. We're asking people to pledge their time to help young people in their community through volunteering for The Trust or organising a craft session with friends.

GMB One Million Minutes logo on blue background

How to get involved

1. Helping for 30 minutes a week

Why not talk to a young person about their wellbeing? The Prince's Trust has found that young people's mental wellbeing has declined in the last 10 years, flatlining at its lowest point yet in the last two years. We can all make changes in our communities to help young people, offering kindness and creating bridges between generations. Even the smallest of changes can be significant in altering the course of a young person's life. If you want to find out more about how you could help, register below to find out more about volunteering for The Trust. 

2. Give 90 minutes of your time to help boost your own and others' wellbeing 

Why not gather some friends or colleagues together and organise a craft event where you can work on a mini craft or upcycle project? Spending time with others and being creative can really help boost feeling of positive wellbeing. You can ever help bridge generations by bringing people of all ages together. 

The Prince's Trust is launching 'The Great Create' in the new year complete with how-to guides and loads of information on how to set up your own craft sessions. Register below to find out more.