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Azera by Design

Introducing the 2021 NESCAFÉ® Azera® coffee tin designs created by a talented group of Trust-supported young people.

5 winning NESCAFÉ® Azera® by design tins with text Say hello to 5 limited edition designs

This year marks the first year of our very special Prince’s Trust and NESCAFÉ® Azera® partnership. A partnership centred around promoting inclusivity, amplifying young voices and driving real change for the next generation.

As part of our important work together, The Prince’s Trust launched a special competition for young people to design this NESCAFÉ® Azera® tins! There would be five winners and each winner would then have their designs printed onto tins sold across the UK, win £1,000 and support from NESCAFÉ® Azera® to craft their ideas and advance their design skills.

Here are the winning designs

Plants by Emma
Lifting each other higher by Emily
Go for it by Kieran
A positive boost for the morning by Kim
Connection by Lily

What inspires you to take on your own challenges and pursue your dreams?

So earlier this year, we got to work – setting a brief that the design should inspire shoppers and customers to take on their own challenges and pursue their dreams – it should make them feel that they can do this! Everything we stand for at The Prince’s Trust. The competition was open to all young people supported by The Prince’s Trust – from designers to doodlers, it was open to all.

We received hundreds of incredible uplifting entries and stories of inspiration from young people. We were blown away by the energy, talent and work young people put into their designs.

As you can imagine judging was incredibly difficult. So, we joined forces with the NESCAFÉ® Azera® team, Prince’s Trust Goodwill Ambassadors Kelly Hoppen, Cherry Healey and Emma Quinn a Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador.

We’re so excited to introduce you to the five talented winners. Each winner has been working hard behind the scenes alongside NESCAFÉ® Azera® to turn their designs into real life product, which is on sale in Major Retailers across the UK right now!

A huge thanks to our friends at NESCAFÉ® Azera® for making this collaboration possible and enabling positive change for young people. Every tin will help support The Prince’s Trust, so get shopping and show your support.

Get inspired by the winners

Want to find out more about what inspired our winners, how it felt to be part of the competition and their top tips for starting a new design? Watch our winners and judging panel come together to talk about the design process, competition and the inspiration behind their work. Be sure to check out @princestrust and @nescafeazera in the weeks ahead where you’ll get to find out lots more too!

Discover more about our winners

Emma-Leigh Hayes

"Thank you to NESCAFÉ® Azera® for this amazing opportunity. I never thought I’d have the chance to do something this amazing so I’m ever grateful for it."

Read Emma-Leigh's story

Emily Shine

"I was really excited by the competition and brief. It felt amazing to win and I’m super proud of myself. I can’t believe my design will be on supermarket shelves! It was the confirmation I needed to go and pursue graphic design further."

Read Emily's story 

Kieran Bond

"I am most looking forward to seeing my design in stores and seeing my design come to life! It is very exciting!"

Read Kieran's story

Kim McGregor

"The competition was easy to complete and very fun! Even if I didn’t win, I loved the process of being a part of something incredible and doing my own designs!"

Read Kim's story

Lily Beer-Doblon

"I have had such a great experience being part of this competition. I was truly ecstatic to have won. The support from NESCAFÉ® Azera® , TWELVE and The Prince’s Trust has been so fantastic."

Read Lily's story

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