What is the role of a Young Ambassador?

They support The Trust in a range of ways, usually by bringing people closer to The Trust through sharing their inspiring stories, and demonstrating the impact of our programmes. Volunteering their time to motivate our donors and funders, so we can provide support for more young people. Young Ambassadors sometimes reach out to the media, to public decision makers or occasionally to other young people.

Who is a Young Ambassador?

Young Ambassador is a supported volunteer role for those who:

  • Completed a Prince Trust programme
  • Are aged between 16-32
  • Are in work, education, volunteering or training or have shown substantial progress with a significant long term challenge

Become a Young Ambassador? Tell your story

We are continually recruiting for Young Ambassadors at different times and in different ways depending on where you live. The best way to find out when recruitment is happening near you is to speak to your Prince’s Trust contact.