Most of our policies are primarily for staff and volunteers who are working directly with young people, but all those supporting The Trust are expected to familiarise themselves with the policies which are relevant to their role.

The policies can be made available in alternative formats for those with accessibility requirements.

Volunteer expenses

We are very grateful to the vast majority of volunteers for not only providing their time free, but also choosing to meet incidental expenses from within their own resources, i.e. at no charge to The Trust. Otherwise, with this number of volunteers involved, we could not afford to deliver our programmes for young people at the current levels of scale and quality.

However, should you wish to claim travel expenses, you are entitled to do so through completing the Volunteer expense claim form (xls, 36kb).

When claiming your expenses, it is important to provide a receipt of payment along with your expenses form to your Trust point of contact, who will take a copy of this.

If you are driving your own car, you may claim the standard mileage rate for volunteers of 25p per mile. If you are using your own car for Trust activity, you must also provide valid Business Class motor insurance cover.