We have suggested some ways of using these worksheets, however they are designed in a template format for you to use in any way you see fit. It is worth noting that some young people may have used these worksheets during their programme too.

Climbing the ladder to success

Aim: To help young people to work out a path towards a long-term goal

Materials required:  Climbing the ladder to success (pdf, 406kb) sheet


  • The top of the ladder could be a dream or a goal
  • Help the young person to write the steps they need to take to achieve the dream or goal
  • Use this sheet as many times as needed to keep the young person moving towards their goals

Getting a job

Aim: Goal-setting for employment

Materials required:  Getting a job 1 (pdf, 406kb) and Getting a job 2 (pdf, 406kb)


  • Use these two sheets to help young people set goals for getting a job
  • Help them to think about what their ideal job is (it doesn’t matter if this is not realistic) and then help them to think through the skills they have and the skills they need to help them achieve this. For example, if they want to be a doctor, they might be someone who looks out for other people, but they will need an education to achieve it
  • What will help them get this job?
  • What might hold them back? What skills should they work on to help move them towards this goal?

How to eat an elephant

Aim: To help young people to break bigger goals into smaller parts

Materials required:  How to eat an elephant (pdf, 2mb) sheet


  • This sheet is helpful for when a young person feels overwhelmed by their own goals and how to achieve them
  • Explain to them that they can’t eat an elephant all in one go, so they need to do it bit by bit
  • Just like big dreams and goals
  • Ask them to write their dreams and goals in different bits of the elephant and start to think about which ones they want to work on first or how they can break them down into more manageable, bite-size chunks

Life luggage

Aim: Reviewing the things in life that hold a young person back and energise them

Materials required:  Life luggage (pdf, 406kb) sheet


  • Everyone has things in their life that help propel them forward or drag them down. Use this sheet to help the young people talk through the things that affect them
  • How can they get rid of the things that weigh them down?

Little things, big things

Aim: To help think about all the things that might sabotage a goal

Materials required:  Little things, big things (pdf, 406kb) sheet


  • Ask the young person to think about a few big things that they want to achieve in life and write these in the biggest circle. Then think about the little things that might get in the way of the process and write these in the little circles
  • Spend some time working on what can be done to deal with the things that could get in the way. This could be their own stumbling blocks or things that may happen externally along the way

Rate it

Aim: Review, apply and check out

Materials required:  Rate it (pdf, 406kb) sheet


  • Ask the young person to score themselves out of 10 against attributes that you feel would be useful to explore after a particular activity e.g. challenge, fear, comfort, effort, happiness, achievement etc.
  • Before the young person rates themselves you should give an example of what a low or high score might mean to the young person. For example, rating on 'achievement' might range from '1' meaning 'I feel totally rubbish about how well I did today' to '10' representing 'I totally rocked!'

What am I like?

Aim: To help a young person explore from their perspective how good they are at some personal and social skills

Materials required:  What am I like (pdf, 455kb) sheet


  • Help the young person complete the sheet
  • It might help if you read the questions. Tell them to go for their first response or answer and to try and be positive
  • Begin to talk about areas they are good at and areas they might like to do more of
  • Once they have identified areas they want to do more of...hey presto – a goal!

Get Hired Booklet

Thanks to our partnership with Accenture, we are able to extend the use of a resource used on our Get into programme to our mentors – the Get Hired workbook (pdf, 1mb) has a range of different tools and activites to help young people with job searching, to interviewing for jobs and even managing finances.