We know as a volunteer you’ll be able to support us in lots of ways. We want every volunteer to be a committed champion of young people and The Trust. There are five suggested ways you can help us reach our mission of transforming the lives of young people by giving them the skills and confidence to live, learn and earn.   

We want a range of volunteers from all walks of life to support us in as many ways as they can, whether you have two hours, or 20 hours, we’ll tailor your experience with us to best utilise your skills and knowledge. 

Support Young People to Live, Learn and Earn 

Support a range of children and young people between the ages of 11-30 to develop their skills and confidence.  

  • Mentor young people to build their confidence and help them to develop important life skills so that they can re-engage with or enter into education, training or work, or set up in business, meeting regularly and committing 4-8 hours a month 
  • Deliver workshops and sessions to groups of young people, utilising your skills and knowledge to meet their needs 
  • Provide bespoke one-to-one support and guidance during sessions to young people with additional needs such as language, literacy and numeracy support 

Partner with colleagues  

Have a huge impact on the lives of young people by helping our colleagues more efficiently deliver our services and develop their skills and knowledge. 

  • Work with colleagues to do vital ‘behind the scenes’ work such as outreach and reporting 
  • Feed into regional strategic priorities and help co-design new interventions for young people 
  • Coach, mentor and train our colleagues to aid their own personal and professional development 

Champion The Trust 

Spread the word about who The Trust is, what we do and how others can help is a vitally important role volunteers play. 

  • Share and promote our campaigns amongst your networks 
  • Champion the voice of young people and the challenges they face 
  • Connect us with individuals, communities and partners who can help us achieve our mission 

Help raise funds 

Alongside generously giving time, help The Trust raise vital funds by raising awareness that we are an organisation that needs funding. 

  • Promote the keys ways people can give to The Trust, such as making a donation, participating in a fundraising event, or leaving a legacy 
  • Help promote fundraising events, such as challenge events and community fundraising, amongst your network 
  • If you’re able to, consider becoming a regular donor yourself 

Build the community 

Everyone, young people, volunteers, colleagues and partners, are part of The Prince’s Trust community. Help us build a cohesive community of supporters behind young people. 

  • Identify potential volunteers with the right skills and experience to support us 
  • Support and supervise fellow volunteers, providing regular contact and building a network of volunteers 
  • Deliver ongoing training and development for fellow volunteers  

Regardless of what you volunteer to do on behalf of The Trust, if you choose to volunteer we will expect you to:  

  • Embrace and live by the values and behaviours of The Trust 

  • Promote and protect the safety and wellbeing of children and young people participating in Trust programmes and activities. This means agreeing to undergo a criminal records check in place if working directly with our young people 

  • Participate in regular training and reviews, follow Trust policies and procedures 

  • Be an active and engaged champion and supporter of The Trust, striving to help us reaching our mission and undertaking your role as a volunteer to the best of your ability