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Mentor the future employees of the Health and Social Care sector

The Prince’s Trust is on a four year mission to help 10,000 more young people get into the Health and Social Care sector, and we are looking for mentors who are willing to support them; building their confidence and enabling them to thrive. If you are willing to support a young person on their journey, let us know!


Currently, we are only looking for mentors across England. If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, please register your interest here.

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We need your help. We are looking for volunteers who can:

  • Ideally commit 4-6 hours per month for six months and longer to meet with a young person, helping them identify and achieve goals

  • Support our programmes and workshops

  • Provide career guidance, including supporting with CV writing

  • Adhere to the relevant policies & procedures of The Prince’s Trust, including our Health & Safety, Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity policies, and Confidentiality policies

  • Consent to a background check and provide two references.

How does it work?

  • We run background checks to make sure each applicant is appropriate to work with young people

  • We invite each applicant to complete a form to find out more about their experience so they can be matched with a young person

  • We will invite the volunteer to a training session, equipping them with the necessary information and skills to be a mentor

On joining, each volunteer will get benefits such as: experience within the charity sector, taking on a challenge, and, most importantly, making a difference to a young person’s life. We do not ask for previous voluntary experience; only that each volunteer has the values and commitment to support a young person achieve their goals.


Currently, we are only looking for mentors across England.

If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, please register your interest here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have experience working in the Health and Social Care sector?

No, although we do particularly encourage applicants who have experience of the sector as it is useful when supporting young people into work. For those outside the sector, there are many transferable skills that can be used to help deliver programmes, e.g. employability skills, and support young people, e.g. being able to empathise and problem-solve. Having sector experience is valuable but more important is that each young person feels supported.

Is everyone who signs up to volunteer accepted?

Our most important priority is ensuring the safety of the people we work with.

This means we will go through checks to ensure that each applicant is suitable to work with young people. We also only accept people who will be able to commit the time and support that young people may need.

We do invite each applicant, therefore, to write a statement detailing why they are interested in joining us as means of getting to know them. We will also check that this volunteer role is the best suited to the applicant as a range of roles are offered at Prince’s Trust.

Do I need to be located somewhere specific to volunteer?

While our Health and Social Care programmes are mature in some areas of the UK, they are still being developed in others. If you live in an area which is not yet running a course, we will recommend another Prince’s Trust programme that we think is likely to fit your interests, or we can add your contact details to our list for when Health and Social Care programmes do open.

How will I be supported as a volunteer?

Each volunteer will have a designated member of Prince’s Trust staff to support them to ensure they have the information and tools needed. The designated staff member will also be on hand to provide assistance in situations where volunteers need additional guidance.