What is it?

As a Volunteer Coordinator, you will help support a cohort of volunteers, such as mentors, carry out their roles.

The role involves:

  • Working closely with a regional member of the volunteering team
  • Matching mentors with appropriate young people who are looking to enter a mentoring relationship
  • Supporting a cohort of mentors for challenges they may face whilst mentoring
  • Collating and recording reports from mentors to track progress and outcomes

What is the impact?

With your support, we are able to offer more personalised support to our volunteers working with our young people, and can share your knowledge and the best practice you have seen from other volunteers to ensure the highest quality support for our young people. 

What is the time commitment? 

Ideally, a commitment of around two days per week for a minimum of three to six months.

The ultimate reward for me is when a young person gets into a job with the support of their mentor. I know they have made it because of the part I played, which is an unbelievable feeling.
Becky Issitt, Volunteer Coordinator

Opportunities are available in:

  • London and the South East: East London
  • South West: Plymouth
  • Wales
  • Scotland: Glasgow

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