Our new five year strategy

June saw the launch of our new five year strategy and we are now in the final stages of implementing a structure in the South region that can help us achieve the vision of our five-year strategy. Our new structure incorporates the following themes:

  • Increased local flexibility and autonomy – focusing on young people who need us most rather than on a particular programme.
  • A focus on local geographies – working collaboratively with partners and volunteers.
  • Increased variety within individual roles – working together as one team and reducing silos.

Each geographical hub will have a Head of Operations with each office having a number of Operations Managers managing teams of Operational Executives, each delivering a range of programmes, working closely with volunteers and partners across their local area. We will be completing this process of change shortly and will communicate this to you in more detail over the coming weeks.

In the interim period your staff contacts will remain the same (unless otherwise informed) and we are focused on continuing to deliver our business plan through the second half of this financial year. The importance of volunteering safely and safeguarding young people remains a top priority. As a reminder here are some top tips on volunteering safely along with details of what to do if you have a safeguarding concern.  

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