More young people than ever to be eligible for young ambassadors

Young Ambassadors are the amazing young people who’ve driven themselves to succeed with the help of The Prince’s Trust, and want to give back. They help us reach out to funders, partners, decision makers and the public, to inspire them about the work of The Trust, and secure the support that means we can help even more young people.

Like our mentors, Young Ambassadors are volunteers, gaining the new skills and confidence that come from realising you are a shining example of our nationally recognised institution, and can hold the attention and admiration of hundreds of people at a time by sharing your story of success.

We’ve announced some exciting changes to eligibility for this amazing role, and we’d like your help. If you work with a young person who would benefit from being a Young Ambassador, and they meet the criteria, we want you to help them apply!

First of all, we can now accept applications from young people all the way from 16 to 33 years of age.

You may have read in the 40th Anniversary Impact Report that The Trust generated £1.4bn in social value over the last ten years. But did you know that only about a third of this was from work or education? If two thirds of the value of The Trust comes from things other than a “positive outcome,” we think it’s time to represent a more diverse group of Young Ambassadors in our work.

Therefore, from today, instead of requiring that a young person has a positive outcome (work, education or training) to become a Young Ambassador, we are saying that a Young Ambassador has been supported by The Trust to make significant changes in their life. This may include a positive outcome like work or training, and this will still be true for the bulk of our Young Ambassadors.

But, if not, it could be that they’ve gained new skills or are better able to take on a caring role at home. Their newfound confidence may be enabling them to pursue their dream career. They could have stopped school absenteeism, offending or drug use. Perhaps they’ve transformed their mental health. These stories will inspirationally demonstrate why our work is so important.

To qualify for the role, a young person will still need to have completed a Prince’s Trust programme. If they’re from Enterprise, this means that if they’re still looking to have a business, they need to have passed Business Launch Group, and be up to date with any loan repayments. If they’ve had a custodial sentence, it needs to have been 12 months since their release.

If you think a young person you’re working with fits these criteria, please contact the Young Ambassadors Executive, Robin J Browne, and he’ll do the rest:

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