Volunteer scribes for young person on the Explore workshop

This month, the Enterprise programme in Bristol needed some extra support to help a young person called Chris. Chris had a brain tumour a couple of years ago and as a result has been left with slower functionality, difficulty processing and little to no dexterity.

Seeing a young person in need of extra help, Talulah, one of the Volunteering Executives in the South West, asked a couple of her most supportive and interactive volunteers to assist him in order to take notes and ensure he gets the most possible out of the course.

Sure enough three amazing people stood up to help, and went the extra mile taking the days in turn to support Chris for the week. It is amazing for The Trust to be able to provide this incredible support for a young person in need. Being able to call on our volunteers' skills and caring natures shows just how invaluable our volunteers really are.

Thank you so much Bob, Iain and Jane.

Helping a young person Get Into a job

Mel was one of our young people on the Get into Customer Service programme with OVO Energy.

Mel on the Get into Customer Service programme with OVO Energy

At the end of the four-week programme the young people have the opportunity to interview for live jobs within the company, and if successful, secure a job.

Mel was really nervous about her interview, and although performing well during the programme, her history of mental health problems left her feeling anxious that her interview skills might let her down.

Mel reached out to ask for a mock interview ahead of the day as she thought she might be able to elevate some of her fears with some extra practice.

We contacted one of the South West’s leading volunteers, Chris, who had plentiful experience. Chris and Prince’s Trust Volunteering Executive, Talulah, held a mock interview with Mel ahead of the real thing.

They provided valuable feedback, talked about the common themes encountered in an interview and highlighted how prepared she was and how brilliantly she answered the questions. Good luck from us all, Mel!

Charlotte’s journey to being her own boss

We wanted to share this powerfully inspiring success story with you.

Charlotte fell pregnant whilst travelling and working in Australia and had to return to the UK after complications with the childbirth and her relationship. Shortly after her return, Charlotte fell pregnant again but had no money, no belongings, no job and no fixed address. 

Feeling like she had failed in life by claiming benefits, Charlotte had not been able to feed herself or her child due to the seven-week wait until Charlotte’s first benefit payment. A further three-month wait until her first child benefit payment resulted in an increased depressive state of mind.

Many people would have given up in life but Charlotte had a dream of becoming her own boss in the beauty industry, so she attended the four-day Explore Enterprise workshop at The Prince’s Trust in Bristol.

Charlotte completed the course and was assigned to Business Mentor, Fran Deeley. Fran worked hard with Charlotte to help with her confidence and self-esteem and they had some extremely positive meetings together.

Despite her severe learning difficulties, Charlotte has overcome her fears to secure a chair-rent position within a busy salon, building up a client base very quickly. Charlotte also supports her salon owner with training and is currently working towards an accredited VTCT Business Qualification to ensure a solid knowledge of running a productive and successful business.