What is it?

As part of the National Volunteering and Uniformed Partnerships team, you will support the team to deliver against our strategic objectives for volunteering at The Trust. You will support with a number of administrative tasks including reporting and database management, and play a pivotal role in communicating about the impact of volunteering through both internal and external communication paths. 

The role involves:

  • Promoting the impact of volunteering and writing volunteer recognition nominations.
  • Providing admin support including reporting, database management and research projects.
  • Adhering to the relevant policies and procedures of The Prince’s Trust, including our Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity and Confidentiality policies.
  • Opportunities to get involved in other areas of The Trust’s work, such as supporting with events.

What is the impact?

Office Volunteers can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of The Trust, supporting with bespoke projects which can make our systems and processes more efficient. 

What is the time commitment? 

Ideally a commitment of around two days per week for a minimum of six months.

Volunteering for The Trust has not only been a very rewarding experience; it has been fun!
Yuly Sandoval, Office Volunteer

Opportunity available in London, Head Office.

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