What is it?

Mosaic’s Enterprise Challenge competition helps thousands of young people (aged 11-16 years old) increase their aspirations, confidence, self-belief and motivation by having relevant and effective role-models to look up to and engage with. The fully-funded competition is designed to help students learn about establishing and running a business through an interactive business simulation game whilst building their confidence.

We are looking for volunteers to mentor a small group of students aged 11-16 years and to encourage an understanding of business and enterprise, as well as helping participants to develop a number of other transferable skills such as teamwork and meeting deadlines.

The primary aim is to increase young people’s understanding of business concepts and how they can apply them. Mentors support teams to complete two competition tasks around responsible profit-making and ethical business.

The role of the mentor is to:

  • Lead the team(s) through six hours of content to help them score highly in the two competition tasks
  • Support team(s) of students to understand business concepts, and how to apply that knowledge, so they can generate a high net profit
  • Support team(s) of students to understand how a business can be responsible, so we can test that understanding with an assessment questionnaire
  • Facilitate a group of young people to communicate, solve problems and make decisions
  • Facilitate groups of young people to participate in all activities, games and discussions
  • Coach them to come up with their own answers and solutions
  • Mentor them by sharing your own business and real-life experiences, which bring the experience to life.

Some understanding of business principles is welcome but far more important is that mentors have the confidence to impart these principles to students in a fun and engaging way. Mentors should support students to find solutions for themselves.

What is the impact? 

Mentoring programmes cannot replace teachers’ ability to improve school achievement. Research does demonstrate clearly, however, that aspirations play an important role in educational and professional achievement for all young people and that effective mentoring programmes can significantly raise aspirations and close the aspiration-attainment gap.

Mosaic mentoring cultivates a new generation of successful adults that become beacons of positivity and role models for fellow pupils, siblings and the wider community.

What is the time commitment? 

Mentors are given full-training so they are able to go into our secondary schools and offer support with an approximate commitment of six hours. This varies from 6x1 hour sessions to a 1x6 hour session and will depend on the school you are allocated to.

This opportunity is available in Greater Manchester, Liverpool, London and South East, Glasgow, West Midlands and Yorkshire and The Humber. It is also available in Black Country (in particular Sandwell), Greater Birmingham and Solihull, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, Leeds and Sheffield.

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