What is it?

The Centre Sessions are a new initiative to Scotland allowing us to provide young people with further opportunities in our Glasgow Centre out with the usual programme activity.  These opportunities include the delivery of:

  • Group Interview Skills – more frequently used by employers for entry level jobs this session is designed to help young people prepare for the event looking at identifying skills, practicing activities and creating the best impression for a group interview.
  • 1-2-1 Interview Skills – this is a soft-skills session to help young people prepare before and how to present themselves at interview.  Introduce STAR as a technique prepare questions they want to ask or might be asked and gain practical experience through a mock interview.
  • CV Writing Skills - this session supports young people in writing a CV and completing application forms as part of the job application process.  YP will identify their own transferrable skills and practice writing and tailoring a CV and application forms. 
  • Work Skills - soft-skills session to help young people gain and understand how to keep a job.  This session will be designed to develop soft and practical skills around the expectations within the work place; rapport and body language and listening and communication ‘banter zone, danger zone’, an awareness of their own online presence and learn professional ways to manage conflict in the work place. 
  • In development – Literacy Project: Reading Hack.  

The role involves:

  • Delivering sessions with young people
  • Supporting the delivery of our new Centre Sessions in the Glasgow Centre. 
  • Acting as a sounding-board for a young person to share their thoughts, concerns and aspirations for employment. 
  • Empowering them to make their own decisions around their development

What is the impact?

Your additional support enables The Trust to offer a higher quality support for our young people providing an additional engagement opportunity in addition to supporting young people with progression on to employment or further education.    

What is the time commitment? 

The Centre Sessions are run once a week from 10am to 12.30pm ideally we are looking for a commitment for one session per month.

‘Volunteering for The Trust has not only been a very rewarding experience; it has been fun!’
Yuly Sandoval, Office Volunteer

Opportunities are available in:

This is an opportunity to work in our offices in:

  • Glasgow

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