What is it?

As an Awards Assessor, you will assess young people’s eligibility for a Development Award,  cash grant of up to £500 (depending on local funding).

The role involves:

  • meeting a young person one-to-one and assessing their eligibility for a development award
  • helping a young person identify how a development award could benefit them
  • supporting a young person completing an assessment form for a cash grant
  • signposting them to other organisations for support, if applicable

What is the impact?

Development Awards can break down financial barriers young people face when entering employment or education. With your support in applying for a small financial grant, we can help young people reach their full potential. 

What is the time commitment? 

Ideally a commitment of three to six hours per month for a minimum of one year.

The most enjoyable part is hearing the excitement in a young person’s voice when you tell them they have got the award.
Maggie Thorne, Awards Assessor

Opportunities available in:

  • Scotland: Fife

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