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Police Service partnership

The police and The Prince's Trust share common objectives of engaging with the hardest to reach young people and diverting them away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Group of people practicing first aid with Police Officers

Our partnership with the police promotes positive relationships between officers and young people in local communities.

Our partnership with the police services provides a unique development opportunity for officers and staff in a challenging but incredibly rewarding environment.

Forces across the UK are involved with The Prince's Trust in a number of ways:

  • Personnel are seconded to us for various lengths of time, from one day to up to two years
  • Opportunities are provided to officers on recuperative or restricted duties
  • Officers and staff seeking promotion, development or direct youth engagement bring their expertise to our programmes
  • Forces help to develop referral pathways for young people and evaluate the impact of the Team programme on offending
  • Forces may influence the delivery of Team, for example by highlighting specific community topics to address in priority areas - and advise on the delivery of other programmes and initiatives.

How does The Prince's Trust benefit from the partnership?

We value the commitment, motivation and skills that police officers and staff bring to our programmes as excellent role models for young people.

Most police forces are involved in some way with The Trust, and in 2015 there will be over 170 officers and staff working with over 2,550 young people across the UK.

Forces can send officers on to programmes as leaders (such as in Cambridgeshire, Lancashire and Nottinghamshire), or can even deliver their programmes on our behalf, (such as in the West Midlands and in the Met). Many programmes can be run in collaboration with other uniformed services such as the Royal Navy or the Army. 

I am extremely grateful and proud to have had this opportunity and would do it again tomorrow. I would urge anyone to apply, as it opens your eyes to a whole different world.
PC Langton, Cambridgeshire

The College of Policing is now sending all fast track officers on to a Prince's Trust programme as a leader for enhanced staff development. Thames Valley, Wiltshire and the Met also place their talent management cohorts onto our programmes in order to develop leadership, communication and planning skills.

How can your force get involved?

There are many opportunities and possibilities:

  • Get involved as an individual leader on one of our programmes
  • Find out what your force is doing or suggest how your force could get involved

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Taking part in this programme not only helped me grow in confidence and learn a great deal about good leadership, but re-ignited my enthusiasm for policing. I can honestly say this has been one of the best things I have done since joining the police. 
DC Laura Riddell, Met Police 

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