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Fire and Rescue Service partnership

The Prince's Trust and the Fire and Rescue Service have a long and proud history of working in partnership. Since 1992, together we’ve helped many thousands of young people to change their lives through Prince’s Trust programmes.

The Fire & Rescue Service directly delivers over 20% of all Prince’s Trust Team programmes in the UK.

The Trust and the FRS share many common objectives which impact on communities we serve. Our work together is guided by the values of social responsibility and inclusiveness.

One of the most effective ways of achieving a safer community is to work with young people from groups at particular risk of becoming involved in crime and disorder, arson and deliberate fire-setting. This in turn helps those young people who are at risk through unhealthy, chaotic and potentially harmful lifestyles, to get into work, training or education.

Fire Service staff have professional and personal skills that make them particularly well-suited to be effective leaders and influential role models for young people. Above all, the can-do attitude of the Fire and Rescue Service can really make a difference.

How is the Fire and Rescue Service working with The Prince's Trust?

The vast majority (95%) of all Services support The Trust in one way or another.

As delivery partners, the FRS provide the full programme experience, from beginning to end, for young people in various locations across the UK.

The Team programme is the flagship programme delivered by the FRS. Services all across the UK also support Team delivered by other Trust partners. They may host a Team on a Community Fire Station or provide activities like leadership, fire and road traffic safety sessions. The FRS also supports and in some cases delivers the xl and Get Started programmes. The service also has close links with The Prince's Trust Explore programme. 

How could your Service get involved?

Become a delivery partner for the Team, xl or Get Started programme

Deliver a programme on behalf of The Prince’s Trust, subject to funding and demand. A joint approach by Fire and Rescue Services and The Prince’s Trust provides a powerful partnership, helping to grow opportunities to encourage funding via local authorities and commissioners. Team can be self-funding through educational and other funding streams.

Support an existing delivery partner

  • Provide a base on a community fire station
  • Give fire safety, health and safety and practical road traffic collision advice
  • Refer young people to The Prince's Trust programmes your service comes into contact with
  • Offer mock interviews or even a work placement
  • Arrange station visits  give operational staff the opportunity to engage with our young people

Second staff to existing delivery partners as Team Leaders and Deputy Team Leaders

Members of the service seeking progression have a unique opportunity working as a Team Leader or Deputy Team Leader to gather evidence of building on their Personal Qualities and Attributes – working towards future advancement. Team Leaders are at the heart of Team – they work directly with young people – leading, supporting, inspiring and motivating. It’s an intensive experience but it reaps extensive rewards. You can expect to:

  • Work with the community in many ways
  • Develop networking skills with a wide variety of external organisations
  • Improve your skills in communication, teamwork and dealing with change
  • Work with many diverse groups of people, many of whom are in the FRS’s target groups

Encourage staff to spend 20 days as Team members, and contribute to the Team by:

  • Providing leadership and encouragement
  • Facilitating mind-mapping and planning sessions
  • Boosting confidence, self esteem and promoting teamwork
  • Sharing work skills and fire safety, RTC and Health & Safety advice
  • Learning the skills to mentor young people

Work with us to improve your Youth Engagement Programmes

We can help young people who are taking part in existing Fire and Rescue Service Youth Engagement Programmes to move forward. We can help young people access education, training and work and also carry out projects in the community.

The Fire and Rescue Service ignites the potential in young people and helps them step onto the ladder of success. Talk to us to disucss the opportunities for your Service.

Get in touch

The Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association

The Fire Service Prince’s Trust Association exists to promote the partnership between the Fire & Rescue Service and The Prince’s Trust for the benefit of young people. The regular meetings give all FRS’s an opportunity to create a source of best practice for the delivery of work with young people in the service. It is a source of help and advice via the FRS network. This best practice not only guides FRS to deliver excellence in the programmes they deliver behalf of The Prince's Trust  but also in their wider work with children and young people.

Other ways to support us through uniformed services