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Why work with us

As the UK's leading youth charity, we have extensive experience of working with disadvantaged and vulnerable young people.

We deliver a range of programmes that can be tailored to meet local need and are proven to secure sustainable outcomes.

Why partner with The Prince's Trust?

Outcomes and evaluation

Costs are managed at every level, and we aim to direct as much of our resource as possible to the young people themsevles - ensuring that every £1 counts towards another positive step forward for 13- to 30-year-olds across the UK.

Measurement and evaluation is key to the way we work with public sector organisations and those accessing public funds. We aim to take the strain off public services by delivering a social return on investment: we are value for money, and we focus on the social impact of our programmes locally.

As a service provider we offer many unique attributes:

Our offer

  • Local reach
    We build stronger communities by promoting social equality and inclusion. We help to develop local labour forces, through the promotion of new enterprises and through professionalisation of the Social Value offer of the Prince’s Trust.

  • Monitoring and evaluation
    We track all of our young people. We can provide anonymous data prior to or during contracts to show our impact.

  • Mentoring
    Young people have access to mentoring during and post programme, increasing their chance of moving into and maintaining a positive outcome.

  • Strong brand
    Thanks to our strong reputation, The Prince's Trust brand provides us with extensive reach and influence on a local and national scale.

  • Innovation
    Designed in partnership with businesses, our programmes provide a cost-effective method of recruiting young people who are trained to respond to a changing marketplace.

  • We offer a co-investment model
    Our strong private sector partnerships enable us to offer substantial match funding towards supporting young people into sustainable jobs.

  • Social value
    We work with private sector organisations that have secured or are bidding for public sector funding in order to ensure that social value is addressed and delivered.

Our outcomes

  • Assured job outcomes
    We're dedicated to ensuring that on completing a programme, young people have access to identified job opportunities with major local developments and priority sectors.

  • Track record with employers
    We have an established track record of developing strong relationships with national and local corporate partners that enable us to shape programmes to provide the skills, training and experience most relevant to employers.

  • Training and education
    Young people are given the tools to move into the best outcome for their needs. Sometimes this is moving back into education in order to improve their skills.

  • Skills in the workplace
    We improve young people’s skills to prepare them for work, education and training and the workplace in general. 

Our young people

  • Engagement with vulnerable groups
    We are dedicated to finding and engaging with the hardest to reach young people.

  • Reducing the cost of exclusion
    Young people on our programmes are less likely to further engage with statutory services following engagement with The Trust.

  • Health and wellbeing
    We work with external stakeholders to align The Trust as a key partner in primary health care, social care and public health settings, including mental health. We develop our programmes to focus around health and wellbeing to address our young people’s health needs.  

  • Education
    We work to bridge the gap between education and employment by advocating engagement between employers and education providers and through delivery and promotion of Traineeships. By working with schools, we help to raise the educational achievement and prevent school exclusion of our young people.

  • Criminal justice
    By working with the criminal justice sector, education providers and frontline services, we help to break the cycle of anti-social behaviour and youth crime. We continue to support victims of crime by helping them move on to the next stage of their lives.

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