The Prince's Trust Partnership Award Winners for 2019:


Employee Fundraising Award

Winners of the Employee Fundraising Award, The White Company

The White Company

Our winning partner who edged in front of the competition have been united by fundraising. The White Company campaigns have been embedded in every single store, in customer care and their HQ,. Always up for a challenge, The White Company colleagues tested themselves to turn £100 in to as much money as possible. Throwing themselves into this with creativity and energy they packed all sorts of activities into a bustling events calendar.

A special thanks goes to the employees who braved the rain this earlier this month to get out and get people cycling at Palace to Palace. The White Company have built a movement of committed fundraisers throughout their organisation, always driving competition and innovation.


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Outstanding Individual Award

Winner of the Outstanding Individual Award, Hemma Verna, Marriott

Hemma Varma, Senior Manager of Social Impact and Global Responsibility for Marriott Hotels, Europe

Bringing together a charity and another organisation is not always easy. It takes real drive and energy to lead a partnership and our winner has been described as ‘shining light of positivity and can-do attitude! who never lets anything get her down, and no challenge feels insurmountable.’

As a person who is always keen to explore new ideas and support young people in new ways this year, Hemma suggested a new way to promote engagement on apprenticeships with Trust-supported young people, to look beyond jobs to long term careers and development

Ever on the look-out for opportunities, she has made new connections to other organisations and always looking for ways to promote and raise awareness of the Trust. Well done Hemma.

Marriott Hotels

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Employability Award

Winners of the Employability Award, TJX Europe

TJX Europe

As one of our largest delivery partners, our employability award winner has supported over 1,000 young people into positive outcomes through 15 four-week Get into Retail programmes taking place across the UK.  Along with scale, they also have a robust and people focused approach to keep the brilliant 70% successful outcome rate from programmes. Building on past success with The Trust, they ensure that young people are supported by buddies who have completed the Get Into programme themselves where possible. The company see the benefits for both those still on the programme and previous participants, with young people flourishing and growing within the business

Always looking for new opportunities to champion young people facing the biggest challenges, they have also run two Loss Prevention programmes in London which focus specifically on supporting ex-offenders or those at risk of offending, bringing them into security roles in store. This is the first programme of its kind working to stem the flow of youth violence, a key challenge for young people and a focus for The Trust.

TJX Europe

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Overall Achievement Award

Winners of the Overall Achievement Award, NatWest


NatWest have demonstrated a truly holistic approach to supporting the mission of The Prince’s Trust. With 19 years of partnership, NatWest have continually grown and developed ways of getting involved, always adding new opportunities.

Aligning their support to their business enables stakeholders at all levels to engage with and get behind the partnership. NatWest have committed to another three years of partnership where they will be continuing to support the Enterprise programme and helping over 550 young businesses this year while also innovating on courses and supporting delivery of our programmes.

NatWest have expanded their support to our Women Supporting Women network which strategically aligns to their priority of addressing the barriers faced by female entrepreneurs, following a report released by their Deputy CEO earlier this year.

Embedding our partnership across the business they have utilised their network of Accelerator Hubs to collaborate with The Trust at a regional level signposting, sharing space, resources and co-delivering events.

This localised engagement connects colleagues with communities and they continue to be engaged in volunteering and fundraising, with a record-breaking 7 teams entering Million Makers – the highest number from one company in the competition across the UK this year! All employees can get involved and through Payroll giving they are supporting individuals to commit as they do as a business.


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New Partnership Award

Winners of the New Partnership Award, eBay


eBay started the partnership in a big way - focusing all their attention on The Prince’s Trust with on one spectacular online ‘Give Day’.  Along with building awareness by connecting with all their customers online, they also made a donation from every single transaction from customers in that 24 hours. This raised a whopping £105,000 to support young people.

Bringing the weight of their business knowledge they have championed Enterprise young people through giving them a platform on their site and heavily promoting their products to customers while also incentivising sales by adding an additional donation to the Trust. This impact will grow with a 6-month accelerator programme exclusively for Enterprise alumni which aims to support businesses to be successful online.


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Community Award

Winners of the Community Award, The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire

Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire

Our winners in this category have supported a major priority for The Prince’s Trust, tackling youth violence. Supporting an early intervention approach through education programmes, this partner has collaborated to support young people at risk of being drawn into criminality. This innovative collaboration allowed new networks and local leadership to be developed to engage across the community to provide local solutions.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire

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Volunteering Award

Winners of the Volunteering Award, Barclays


Barclays integrate volunteering into the core of their partnership. They consistently deliver volunteering at large scale, aiming for over 1,000 volunteers annually. With a footprint that extends across the UK, Barclays are making an enormous impact extending our reach and impact beyond what Prince’s Trust staff could do alone.

It’s not just the breadth of impact but also the depth of impact that they make. Through Together with Team, colleagues currently support nine Teams with employability skills throughout their 12-week journeys. This has seen some of the greatest engagement and deepest impact on young people with incredibly positive feedback.

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Innovation Award

Winners of the Innovation Award, Tesco


Our supporters at Tesco are making a real impact supporting innovative approaches to both programmes for young people and development of staff.

Tesco have focused their support of young people at the early intervention work of The Trust, aiming to keep young people in education and achieving the best they can. Tesco have supported us to refresh and grow the Achieve programme with improved access to content for course leads. Allowing for deeper impact on the programme and enriching the experience of young people by connecting them to skills and experience of staff and improving our mental health and wellbeing offering. 

Understanding that a well performing organisation will do the best work for young people, Tesco have also included a £1.2million donation from their Apprenticeship Levy, which will support 200 Trust staff with Management & Leadership apprenticeships.


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