Million Makers is our entrepreneurial fundraising challenge which sees companies across the UK competing to raise a total of £1m.

Our Million Makers competition, supported by Capitabenefits both the employer and the employee. The challenge helps to raise the profile of the company, inspire and motivate staff, whilst providing a low-cost training scheme to help employees develop crucial business skills. 

Employees are able to gain new skills, boost their confidence, network within the business and discover new talents through taking on a role which differs to their day job.

This year's competition raised a life-changing £1,154,256! As the competition recently drew to a close, we caught up with Atos and Santander to find out what they enjoyed the most about the challenge.

Atos were crowned this year's National Million Makers Champion for raising an astonishing £210,111. Santander won the National Teamwork Award as a result of their outstanding efforts as a group. 

How does a company benefit from Million Makers?

Christine Warner, HR Business Partner at Atos, tells us...  

1. Why did Atos participate in Million Makers?

As part of Atos’ Graduate Scheme, we were looking for a development opportunity which would enable our graduates to give back to the community. The Prince’s Trust Million Makers challenge was a perfect match.

2. How did your staff benefit from Million Makers?

Our graduates were truly inspired by what the charity achieves and hearing stories from the Young Ambassadors really brought home the difference their fundraising could make to young people’s lives.

Employees who took part have told us that it is one of the most satisfying projects they have ever worked on, not just within Atos but within their career. Our graduates said it made them appreciate the opportunities which are available to them.

3. How did Million Makers help to raise the profile of Atos?
As Atos won this year's Million Makers competition, we have been asked to talk about our experience of Million Makers to other organisations. We networked with other organisations participating and are now asking our suppliers and partners to consider getting involved.   

How do employees benefit from Million Makers?

Alex Thomas, Relationship Manager at Santander Corporate & Commercial Banking tells us... 

1. Why did you decide to take part in Million Makers? 

It was an opportunity to do something different from my day-to day job, which allowed me to develop a number of professional attributes, in addition to giving back to the local community.

2. What did you enjoy the most about Million Makers?

It was an opportunity to be given a higher level of responsibility and take accountability for projects and events.

Million Makers allowed me to work directly with colleagues across the country, which we would not normally have any communication with. This helped me develop my network on both an internal and external basis.

3. What skills and experience did you gain as a result of participating in Million Makers?

The opportunity to step-up, plan and lead some of the key elements of the project were what I particularly enjoyed and pushed me in new ways that I hope to expand on in the future. This experience has definitely helped me identify skills and aspects of myself I want to develop.

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