Lewis Clarke, aged 16, has become the youngest person to trek the gruelling 702 miles from the Antarctic Coast to the South Pole, in support of The Prince's Trust.

Lewis completed his record-breaking South Pole expedition at the weekend, which he celebrated by eating his first real meal in nearly seven weeks - spaghetti bolognaise with fresh parmesan.

On his momentous arrival, he said: "I'm really happy but mostly relieved that for the first time in 48 days I don't have to get up tomorrow and drag my sled for nine hours in the snow and icy wind. Today was really hard, the closer I got to the Pole the slower I went, my legs had had enough. But now I'm here and I've had some spaghetti bolognaise and I am sitting in a heated tent."

Accompanied by guide Carl Alvey, he skied an average of eight hours and 18 miles a day. Lewis, from Bristol, set off on 2nd December, and spent the next 48 days travelling on skis in temperatures as low as minus 50C and winds of up to 60mph.

He was two years younger than the world record holder, Canadian Sarah McNair-Landry, who completed the trek in 2005. Having completed the final 10 miles of the trek, Lewis and Mr Alvey were greeted by mentor and polar explorer Hannah McKeand who just so happened to be manning Adventure Network International's polar camp. Lewis stayed overnight at the Pole and was offered a tour of the Amundsen Scott Polar Research base.

Lewis's incredible expedition has raised over £3,000 for The Prince's Trust. If you'd like to support Lewis, please donate via his JustGiving page.