TV personality and Celebrity Ambassador Gok Wan opens up about his past and explains why he can relate to young people experiencing difficult times.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, one of our Celebrate Success media partners, Gok says:

"I grew up in Leicester where youth unemployment was rife. I witnessed many of my peers struggle to find work so know how this can affect a young life.The Prince also made a visit to Rhondda Cynon Taf to a recycling centre set up 20 years ago with our help. HRH met apprentices, staff and volunteers at Too Good to Waste recycling centre.

Lesley Kirkpatrick, Director of The Prince’s Trust Cymru, said: "We are committed to supporting young people in Wales and providing them with the skills and confidence to find work. Currently there are too many young people in Wales feeling hopeless about the future, but with the right support, we can help to get these lives back on track. We are incredibly grateful to all our partners for their support."The Trust has been working with Cardiff City since 2009.

"Although the economic climate is picking up, young people are bearing the brunt of the recession and are battling the repercussions every single day.

There are hundreds of thousands of young people out there who are still struggling to find their place in life. They have a wealth of talent and potential but simply don't know which way to turn.

"This can breed low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and sometimes even depression. Many of these young people feel alone and scared. I know what this can feel like.

"There was a time, during my early twenties, when I didn't think I could go on anymore. My memories of this period are quite hazy because my brain has blocked most of them out.

This is precisely why I think youth charity, The Prince's Trust, is so fabulous. It works tirelessly to instill the UK's most vulnerable young people with the confidence they need to think positively about themselves and their futures.

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