In this interview, Carly Williams shares her Celebrate Success experience, including meeting HRH The Prince of Wales.

How did it feel to be nominated for a Celebrate Success award?

"I felt honoured when Danielle Day, my Teamleader, told me that I was nominated for an award. I was both shocked and happy because I didn’t expect to win."

Did you do anything special in preparation for the event?

"My foster parents were more excited about it than me, I was more nervous than anything! I really didn’t know what to expect."

What was the event like?

"The event itself was very emotional, but in a good way. There are so many inspirational people under one roof, ready to be celebrated. You learn about each others' struggles, and it shows that you’re not alone. But, at the same time, you’re mingling with celebs.

Who was your favourite celeb spot?

"The event was packed with celebrities! I met everyone from Celebrity Big Brother’s BBOTS Presenter Rylan Clarke and Pixie Lott."

How do you feel about handing over your Samsung Young Achiever baton?

"I’ve had it for a year now, so I think it’s time for someone else to be celebrated. But, I’ll never forget the moment I was up on stage. It’ll stay with me forever."

What advice would you give this year’s finalists?

"Whether you win or don’t, remember that you’ve come so far. Enjoy the day as well as the idea of being celebrated for your achievements."

If you could describe Celebrate Success in a sentence – what would it be?

"Celebrate Success is amazing. You never think it’d happen to you. It’s not every day that you get to rub shoulders with celebrities. This sort of thing doesn’t happen. It’s a once in a lifetime experience."

How has your life changed since winning?

"Since winning, I’ve been a lot more aware of what I’ve achieved, and how far I’ve come, which is good. I love the course that I’m studying at university. I’ve always wanted to work in social-care."