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Women's Leadership Group

The Women's Leadership Group is a network of leading women who have made a financial commitment to support some of the most vulnerable young women in the UK.

Since 2006, our supporters have contributed over £4 million to The Prince's Trust.

By making a financial investment, our supporters enable us to reach vulnerable young people and help them gain the confidence and skills they need to overcome personal barriers, re-build their lives and move into work, education or training. Currently, the Women's Leadership Group supports our Fairbridge programme.

Members share their time, expertise and networks to directly inspire young women and help us to expand our reach and change the lives of more young people.

Here's what some of our members say about their involvement:

I’m a supporter of The Prince's Trust Women's Leadership Group because it makes a real difference to young people's lives, and I've really enjoyed meeting the other like-minded women.
Kim Buckland, Co-Founder, Liz Earle Naturally
One of the great benefits of supporting The Prince's Trust and the Women's Leadership Group is that donations make a real difference and can completely change someone's life.
Sarah Arkle, Non-Executive Director, Henderson
The Women's Leadership Group has been inspirational on two levels. Firstly, seeing what disadvantaged young women can achieve with the support of The Trust. Secondly, the opportunity to get to know a group of women who have achieved great success across a range of industries.
Sharon White, CEO, Stephenson Harwood

Do you want to join other leading women to make a difference to young lives across the UK? Please contact Kate Ainsworth on 020 7543 1206 or email

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