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Enterprise Fellowship

The Prince's Trust Enterprise Fellowship is a network of the UK's leading entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Enterprise fellowship

The Enterprise Fellowship has raised £5 million for the Enterprise programme since 2010.

The Enterprise programme has so far helped over 80,000 young people set up their own business and our Enterprise Fellows directly inspire young entrepreneurs to fulfil their potential by sharing their time, expertise and networks. We bring Fellows together regularly through a series of high-profile networking events.

Our partnership with each supporter is tailored to individual interests and we have a range of opportunities to get involved. Some of our Enterprise Fellows choose to show support by attending events and some choose to become more directly involved in working with young people.

We are passionate about demonstrating the impact of your support and bringing you closer to our work and young people. If you would like to find out more about the Enterprise Fellowship and how you can invest in our work, please contact Neil Mahoney on 020 7543 1363 or email

The concept that young ambitious people can draw on the advice and experience of leading entrepreneurs to hold their hands through that process is invaluable and I believe it’s a fantastic thing for people to give their time and money to.
Lloyd Dorfman CBE, Chairman, The Prince’s Trust Council & Chair, Enterprise Fellowship

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