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Why include a gift in your will?

Each year, supporters like you help us to change thousands of vulnerable young lives. 

Young person with outdoors in a black hoodie and red headphone round his neck.

Through leaving a gift in your will, you will not only become an important part of our story, but you will also help vulnerable young people - who have experienced homelessness, leaving care and mental health issues -  to re-write theirs, as we do everything we can to help them move into work, education or training. 

Every gift we receive, big or small, is important and gratefully received and will have a direct hand in helping future generations to tell a happier and more hopeful story. 

It’s significant and, quite often, the most valuable gift you’ll give to a charity, and, because it’s not subject to inheritance tax, it can be cost effective too.

So, once you have taken care of those closest to you, please consider remembering The Prince’s Trust. You will be leaving an incredible legacy – ensuring that more vulnerable young people get the support they need to make something of themselves.

Why I am leaving a legacy

Richard shares his story of why he is leaving a gift in his will to The Prince's Trust. 

I’ve supported The Trust for many years so it seemed like a natural thing to leave a legacy.

I was lucky to have a stable, loving upbringing. My siblings and I received a good education and were supported to have successful careers. But through the charity work my mother did supporting disadvantaged children in East Anglia where I grew up, I saw from a young age that not every young person was as fortunate.

I wrote my will back in 2003 when my children were young. I felt like I really needed to get things in order for their future. It was incredibly easy at a later date to add a gift to The Trust. I didn’t even need to rewrite my will, I used a simple codicil form to add a few sentences so that a percentage of whatever’s left when I’m gone will go to The Trust.

I believe that every young person should have the opportunity to succeed. Leaving a gift in my will is my way of making sure that, even after I’m gone, I’m helping to give young people that opportunity.

It seems to me that The Trust’s work with young people will continue to be vital in the future. There are still too many young people who don’t have a stable background, who experience inequality and who struggle to take that first step into work. 

It’s comforting to feel that I’ll be giving young people a helping hand in an increasingly uncertain world.  

As a father, I want the best for my children and their children. That thought extends to other young people who haven’t always been lucky enough to have the support and security my children experienced.

So, once I’ve looked after my own family, I want to help give future generations of young people the chance to shape their own future.