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Recruit a local young person with Get Hired

Is your business recruiting? If you have local employment, training or volunteering opportunities come along to one of our events where you will meet like-minded young people who want to join your workforce.

Our speed-dating style recruitment initiative

supports young people into work.

Young person with employers at a Get Hired (speed-interviewing) event

Could you support a young person to fulfil their potential?

Our Get Hired programme brings local businesses together with young people to support them into employment. By attending one of our events you can meet passionate, driven and motivated young people who have been helped by our programmes and are ready for work.

Benefits to your business:

  • Introduce new perspectives and talents
  • Improve diversity in your workforce
  • Provide development opportunities for your staff e.g. mentoring
  • Support your local community
  • Generate positive publicity, complementing your corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Meet ambitious young people who can bring fresh ideas to your business 

What we're looking for:

  • Entry-level employment roles 
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Training opportunities
  • Volunteering opportunities

About your future employee:

The young people supported by The Prince's Trust will have already undertaken relevant training and been through a selection process prior to attending a Get Hired event.

Our young people on the Get Hired programme possess many skills, including the following:

  • Workplace skills such as teamwork, time management, communication and confidence
  • A genuine desire, commitment and motivation to be successful
  • Relevant qualifications
  • Experience gained through undertaking relevant work placements to expand their sector-specific skills

If you're a business, click here

If you're a young person who wants help, get in touch

Attend a Get Hired event:

To sign up for one of our Get Hired events, click on the relevant date below. 

26th February 2018 Cardiff
26th February 2018 Manchester
28th February 2018 Newcastle
1st March 2018 Liverpool
2nd March 2018 Swansea
7th March 2018 Hull
8th March 2018 Hull
9th March 2018 Southampton
13th March 2018 Belfast
16th March 2018 Birmingham
16th March 2018 Torbay
20th March 2018 London
27th March 2018 Glasgow
27th March 2018 Norwich
28th March 2018 Newcastle
28th March 2018 Leeds
29th March 2018 Leicester
29th March 2018 London
30th March 2018 Cardiff
13th April 2018 Edinburgh
15th April 2018 Bristol
17th April 2018 Birmingham
19th April 2018 London
24th April 2018 Belfast
16th May 2018 Birmingham
24th May 2018 London
25th May 2018 Bristol
7th June 2018 Reading
14th June 2018 Edinburgh
21st June 2018 London
21st June 2018 Birmingham
28th June 2018 Bristol
29th June 2018 Plymouth
2nd-4th July 2018 Plymouth
19th July 2018 London
23rd August 2018 London
20th September 2018 London
1st-3rd October 2018 Plymouth
18th October 2018 Edinburgh
18th October 2018 London
22nd November 2018 London
13th December 2018 London


Can't find Get Hired in your area?

If you're not able to attend any of the events above, or it looks like there isn't an upcoming Get Hired running in your area (e.g. Bristol, Liverpool or Norwich), then don’t worry, as our events are updated regularly and we run a number of other initiatives to help get young people into training and employment. Please do get in touch so we can talk through some alternative options with you.

Contact Ploy Suthimai at

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Saffia Derdeb
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