The Prince’s Trust is committed to transforming young people’s lives across Greater Manchester.

We have embarked on an exciting programme of work in the region, in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority called Future Workforce Fund.

Future Workforce Fund aligns with the Greater Manchester Strategy Our People, Our Place and aims to:

  • develop the personal and social skills of young people
  • raise aspirations and help to fulfil educational potential
  • equip young people with skills for work and access to jobs & training

As part of Future Workforce Fund, we have designed a grants programme that will support pilot projects delivered by partner organisations, with individual grants of up to £25,000.

Grants will enable work with specific cohorts of young people, between the ages of 14 - 25, across Greater Manchester who are facing barriers to engagement with Education, Employment or Training.

Support for the region’s young people is key now more than ever. We need to ensure that young people can emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic with resilience, confidence, networks and skills, by supporting them to cope today and prepare for tomorrow.

We want to partner with organisations that share our ethos, can help to remove the barriers that young people face to engagement and are excited by being able to ‘test and learn’ new approaches.

All of the information you need to make an application to the grants programme can be found below.

Please read our comprehensive prospectus: Future Workforce Fund Grants Programme - Prospectus (pdf, 518kb)

The application form can be downloaded here: Future Workforce Fund Grants Programme - Application Form (docx, 453kb)

Our Frequently Asked Questions can be found here: Future Workforce Fund Grants Programme - FAQs (pdf, 329kb)

The deadline for applications is Monday 27th July 2020, 5pm.

Online engagement events
Sector briefings took place on 17th, 18th and 24th June. The slides from these events can be accessed here: Future Workforce Fund - Sector Briefing Presentation (pdf, 662kb)

A recording of the briefing event from 18th June can be watched here: Sector Briefing Video

Sample grant agreement

A copy of the sample grant agreement that we ask all successful grantees to sign can be found here: Future Workforce Fund Grants Programme - Sample Grant Agreement (pdf, 522kb)

We will not respond to any comments on the grant agreement unless and until an applicant has been told that they are successful.

For any enquiries regarding this grants programme, please email: with the subject: “FWF Grants Fund”.

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