The Prince’s Trust is committed to transforming young people’s lives across Greater Manchester.

We have embarked on an exciting programme of work in the region, in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority called Future Workforce Fund.

Future Workforce Fund aligns with the Greater Manchester Strategy Our People, Our Place and aims to:

  • develop the personal and social skills of young people
  • raise aspirations and help to fulfil educational potential
  • equip young people with skills for work and access to jobs & training

We know that a partnership approach is key to the success of the programme and our first grants programme seeks to support organisations to reach, engage and inspire some of the most disengaged and disadvantaged young people in the region.

Ten projects have been successful in gaining funding through our Future Workforce Fund Grants Programme. Over the next 12 months, these projects will support over 400 young people aged 14 – 25 to build the skills, confidence and networks to positively engage with education, employment and training.

Positive Pathways – Runway to Success - Foundation 92

Using sport as a tool to engage, Foundation 92 will be supporting 50 young people from Salford identified as living chaotic lifestyles, giving them the skills and experiences to move into work. The project will be led by specialist mentors, who will provide targeted education, lifestyle change and transition for young people who are 16-18 years old and NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training.) The 10-week programmes will mix intensive employability support, with physical activity. This will then be followed by a four-week work placement with local businesses – ensuring the skills learnt on the programme can be put in to practice.
Click here to visit the Foundation 92 website.

Hatch Talent - Manchester Youth Zone

Hatch Talent is an innovative project run by Manchester Youth Zone, investing in 30 young people aged 14 – 17 who are disengaged from mainstream education and at risk of being drawn into organised crime. Specialised staff at the Youth Zone will work with young people from North Manchester on an individual basis to identify an interest, develop an enterprise idea and test the trade potential in the community. The project will allow young people to explore self-employment and seek to move them away from negative influences that may pull them towards offending behaviour.

Click here to visit the Manchester Youth Zone Website.

Work Wild - ADAB Centre

Work Wild, in partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust, seeks to use connection with nature and eco-therapy to support young people’s recovery from Covid-19 – enabling them to develop a range of skills and confidence, including project management as they undertake a green space challenge in their local area. The project will focus on NEET young people from the BAME community in Bury, and specifically those furthest away from employment. As well as gaining qualifications and accreditations, the young people will have the chance to explore pathways into the green economy, an area where BAME employees are under-represented. 

Click here to visit the ADAB Centre website.

Digital Skills Programme - Rio Ferdinand Foundation

A 12-month, digital skills project for 14 – 18 year olds in Oldham and Tameside. The project will support 45 young people to explore the technical and personal skills needed for a career in the digital sector, with progression routes in to further training and the world of work. The four-step programme enables young people to engage in different ways – from Connections, supporting young people to develop life skills via the arts, media and sport, through Raising Aspirations, Employability and finally becoming Ambassadors to inspire other young people to get involved.

Click here to visit the Rio Ferdinand Foundation website.

Care Experience Skills and Employability Programme - Greater Manchester Youth Network

One of Greater Manchester Youth Network’s core focusses is on supporting Care Leavers and this project in Tameside utilises their experience and expertise to provide valuable support to young people who have face increased barriers to opportunity during Covid-19 and the lockdown. Working in partnership with the Tameside Leaving Care team, the project will provide one-to-one support for 20 young people who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET, improving personal and social skills, raising aspirations and increasing employability skills, with a view to supporting them into jobs.

Click here to visit the Greater Manchester Youth Network website.

Build Back Youth Salford – Salford Foundation

This Salford-based project will intensively support 16-25 year olds to increase their motivation, confidence, resilience and readiness for working in sectors with the most training and job opportunities in the Post Covid-19 GM economy. The seven-month programme addresses multiple barriers to progression by offering a tailored, one-to-one approach which seeks to develop social, personal and employability skills and in turn build the confidence and tools to progress in to positive next steps – be that training, work placements, apprenticeships, traineeships or paid work in the construction sector.

Click here to visit the Salford Foundation website.

Let’s Get Digital - Reform Radio

Based at Reform Radio’s high-tech studios, Let’s Get Digital focusses on developing the key technical and personal skills required to explore and secure employment in the digital sector blended with real experiences of live briefs and supported work placements. The project will directly engage young people aged 16 – 25 from Manchester, Tameside, Salford and Trafford who face significant barriers to education, employment or training. Young people with experience of the care system, those presenting mental health issues and those who lack basic skills and qualifications will be recruited to take part.
Click here to visit the Reform Radio website.

Construction Workforce - Groundwork GM

Construction Workforce, will engage and inspire 18 – 25 year old Care Leavers in Stockport, looking to make a career within construction. The project will work closely with the Stockport Leaving Care Team and support young people in preparing for the world of work, whilst also providing support for the first three months once the young person is in a job. 24 young people will benefit from the project. Not only will the project give these young people the key skills and support they need, but it will also heighten their awareness and understanding of climate change and how jobs in construction have the ability to make a significant positive difference on this issue.

Click here to visit the Groundwork GM website.

Get On - Manchester Deaf Centre

‘Get On’ run by The Manchester Deaf Centre will provide a three-stage engagement and employability programme for hard of hearing, deaf and deaf blind young people from Bolton, Manchester, Salford and Trafford. The project aims to support young people to Get Moving, Get Ready and Get Ahead, with 24 young people able to take part in the year-long project. The project is tailored for the needs of the young people taking part, with a strong range of partners able to provide support in exploring different work sectors – from sports and arts to finance and the media.
Click here to visit the Manchester Deaf Centre website.

Enterprise Awareness - Abram Ward Community Charity

Working with young people in Fred Longworth High School in Wigan, Abram Ward Community Charity’s ‘Enterprise Awareness’ programme will inspire 14 – 16 year olds in the world of self-employment and entrepreneurialism. Linking in with a town centre shop for showcasing local creative talent – Made in Wigan, young people will get a real experience of putting their ideas in to action, working towards a showcase of their own, off the back of an immersive experience which includes visits to social enterprises and workshops on starting your own business.

Click here to visit the Abram Ward Community Charity website.