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Built Environment, Infrastructure and Real Estate

Working together to build brighter futures.

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Almost 7% of the UK national workforce is employed in the Built Environment, Infrastructure and Real Estate Sector. Over the next three years it’s expected that more than 168,500 construction jobs will be created. However, skills shortages and an ageing workforce may have an impact on the sector. Around 82% of construction workers are over 25, compared to 17% which are under 25.

The Prince’s Trust is working to provide access to opportunities in the sector for young people across the UK, an endeavour that is supported by our Built Environment, Infrastructure, and Real Estate Leadership Group - an industry-led initiative formed in 2006 by leading construction firms and industry leaders.

A message from our leadership group chair, Adrian Ringrose-

I am incredibly proud that we have enabled almost 10,000 young people to start building careers in the Built Environment, Infrastructure and Real Estate Sector. We must continue to inspire and attract diverse, young talent and provide training and employment for young people in the sector. This will simultaneously drive social mobility which we are keen to champion.

Read about some of our partnerships

Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty

Since 2006, through donations and the generosity of employees, Balfour Beatty have given over £1.5 million to support our work. Balfour Beatty have supported our work through employability programmes giving young people a valuable first step into employment and an insight into the sector. Balfour Beatty employees have also volunteered their time to support young people and through raising valuable funds for us through activities such as Palace to Palace and Future Steps.

Barratt Developments

Barratt Developments Plc

Barratt Developments PLC have been long term supporters of The Prince’s Trust Million Makers entrepreneurial challenge, whereby their graduates take on the challenge to raise £10,000 in six months. The 2018 Million Makers team won the Central Region competition by raising a phenomenal £82,591.

In 2020, Barratt Developments partnered with The Prince’s Trust and joined our Built Environment Infrastructure and Real Estate Leadership Group to support local young people in the communities they operate in. 


GLP Company logo

GLP joined as a partner with The Prince’s Trust in late 2019 and employees have already been actively involved in fundraising through our Future Steps challenge. GLP are keen to support young people who have started businesses through our Enterprise programme and already have artwork created by Alex Boardman displayed in their London office. Over the next year, GLP will be attending our prestige events such as our Leadership Dinner and employees are keen to volunteer their time to help young people gain the skills and confidence they need to get into stable employment.



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Costain is a key employability partner of The Prince’s Trust. The Get into Construction programme was developed to support young people to get into employment by delivering pre-employability programmes across Costain projects and provide sustainable work opportunities for local unemployed young people. To date, more than 200 young people have been supported and 77% of these have gone into jobs with Costain.