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How your gifts help young people find jobs

Imran from our Frontline Team shares his experience of getting young people into work.


How do you work with young people?

I help young people like Lisa, after they’ve been on a Prince’s Trust programme, to take their next step. A big one is the step into work.
The young people I meet often feel like they’ve got nothing to offer employers. I help them realise that they’ve got loads of potential. They just need to move from surviving day to day, to believing they can take control of their future.

What do you do to help them find work?

They’ve already been helped by the Trust to grow their skills and confidence. Now they just need help finding the right role for them. My team hosts Get Hired days where we match young people looking for work with businesses that have vacancies.

These businesses give 60 second pitches which bring to life the roles they have on offer. Then we hold ten minute interviews for companies to engage with young people and see if they’re the right fit for the job.

Successful young people are invited to a second interview or offered a job. If the young people don’t get any offers (which is rare!) then they’ve still got positive and constructive feedback from all the employers they met. We use that to plan their next steps – whether we get them a mentor for weekly sessions or put in some interview practice before the next Get Hired day.

Why can’t young people just apply for jobs themselves?

The young people we work with are talented and committed, but because of setbacks in their lives, they may have been through long periods of unemployment. Without support from The Trust they might struggle to even get to interview stage because employers are put off by gaps on their CV. By hosting Get Hired days, we’ve already broken down that first barrier. The benefit of meeting young people face to face is they can get across their passion and personalities.

What makes it especially hard for disadvantaged young people to find work?

Sometimes their aspirations are so low that they don’t see all the opportunities that are out there. One of the companies we work with is a high-end clothing company. Their shops are in “posh” parts of town. For a lot of the young people I work with, there’s this feeling that ‘jobs at places like that aren’t for people like me’. Get Hired helps to break young people out of that cycle of low confidence and to raise aspirations. It’s really empowering for young people to be in a room surrounded by businesses who all want to hire them.

What’s the best part of your work with young people?

In my job I get to see that everything we do is working – from that moment when a young person who needs help first gets in touch, through to getting them the support they need and then matching them with opportunities. A huge thanks to you for helping to make all this happen!

We had a young person recently win employee of the month. It’s not enough just to get young people into any old job, it’s about finding something that’s sustainable and where they can flourish.