Fundraising poster

Use this poster to promote your fundraising activities.

Download the fundraising poster (pdf, 489kb)

'Fundraising target' poster

A poster to show how close you are to your target total.

Download the 'fundraising target' poster (pdf, 463kb)

Internal communications announcement

We've written some draft copy for you to use in your company’s staff newsletter or intranet to promote fundraising activities at work.

Download the draft copy (doc, 46kb)

'Thank you' poster

A poster to help you say thank you for people's support, including a thermometer graphic to show how close you are to your total!

Download the 'thank you' poster (pdf, 500kb)

Prince's Trust bunting

Decorate your event, bake sale or office with this printable bunting.

Download our DIY bunting (pdf, 71kb)

Sponsorship form

A sponsorship form to help you organise and track your sponsors and donations.

Download the sponsorship form (pdf, 392kb)

Buckets, balloons, t-shirts or collections tins

To help with your fundraising we have a range of materials available including Prince’s Trust branded balloons, t-shirts and pens, as well as collection boxes or buckets.

If you are fundraising for a Million Makers team please get in touch with your local Prince's Trust contact instead of using this form.

Logos: 'Raising funds for The Prince's Trust'

We've created a special version of our logo for individuals to use on their fundraising documents and materials (companies should not use the logo). For more information, please take a look at our guidelines (pdf, 73kb).

Before you download the logo, please read our terms and conditions of use.