The Prince's Trust Community Fundraising resource pack

Download our Community Fundraising resource pack for a step by step guide to fundraising for The Prince's Trust. 

Download the Community Fundraising pack (pdf, 1mb)

'Event Details' poster

Use the below posters to share with others key information about your event.

Download the 'Event Details' poster (pdf, 2mb)

Download the 'Event Details' poster  (pdf, 388kb)

'Fundraising Target' posters

Use these posters to promote your fundraising activities and show how close you are to your target total.

Download 'Fundraising Target' poster option 1 (pdf, 344kb)

Download 'Fundraising Target' poster option 2 (pdf, 333kb)

'Thank You' posters

Choose a poster to help you say thank you for people's support!

Download 'Thank You' poster option 1 (pdf, 337kb)

Download 'Thank You' poster option 2 (pdf, 700kb)

Prince's Trust bunting

Decorate your event, bake sale or office with this printable bunting.

Download our DIY bunting (pdf, 251kb)

Sponsorship form

A sponsorship form to help you organise and track your sponsors and donations.

Download the sponsorship form (pdf, 369kb)

Social media graphics 

Share your fundraiser far and wide with friends and family.

Download these social media graphics to go alongside your posts:

"I am fundraising for The Prince's Trust" Instagram square  (png, 801kb) 

"I am fundraising for The Prince's Trust" Instagram story (png, 1mb)

"I am fundraising for The Prince's Trust" Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter graphic (png, 353kb)