Tell somebody

By spreading the word, you'll feel more inclined to keep your promise. Tell your friends, family or workfriends about the workout you have planned for yourself. Likelihood is, the next day they'll ask you how it went so to avoid being caught out, why not ask them to sponsor you as additional motivation to continue your training. Setting up a JustGiving page is easy peasy!

Set yourself a goal 

Whilst it's important to have an ultimate goal e.g. to walk or cycle 5/25/45 miles for Your Palace to Palace, it's important that you create measurable targets for yourself each week so that this ultimate goal feels achievable.

Example goals:

  • Improve your average speed each week
  • Increase the distance cycled/walked each week
  • Tackle a hill that you've been avoiding
  • Improve your posture (this can have implications on your endurance)
  • Teach yourself how to warm up and cool down properly 

Be realistic

Make sure you're setting yourself achievable targets. There's nothing worse than being disappointed with yourself. If you originally set yourself a goal of hitting the gym at 5am every morning and you're finding it's just not working out for you - change your routine.

If you've got something else planned, perhaps it's a trip to the movies or drinks with work friends - whatever it is, give yourself a break. It's important that exercise fits in with your lifestyle, so don't feel guilty for enjoying yourself. 

Change it up

To keep yourself engaged with your fitness, it's important to change your workout regularly. Whether it's swimming, tennis or a new route, make sure you change it up every now and again so you don't get bored of the same routine. 

Think of the bigger picture

By taking part in Your Palace to Palace, you're supporting The Prince's Trust to help young people across the UK to fulfil their potential. Every mile you cycle or walk for Your Palace to Palace, is making a significant difference.