If you ride your bike, it’s going to get dirty. There’s no way around it! Even if you only head out when the sun is shining and the roads are dry, you’re going to need to give your bike a good scrub from time to time.

It’s really important to pay attention to your drivetrain (your chain, sprockets and shifting mechanisms) when you’re cleaning your bike. While your frame might get dirty and the paint might suffer, a dirty drivetrain won’t work well and will wear more quickly. Of course, being covered in oil means that it’s a bit more hassle to get clean! That’s why there are bike-specific drivetrain cleaners that can cut through the oil but are kind to your components and the environment, and a selection of tools to make life easier.

  • important to pay attention to your drivetrain
  • A bucket and sponge – or better yet, a soft brush – is fine for the rest of your bike. Use warm soapy water and remember to rinse afterwards
  • Once you’ve finished up, remember to re-lube your chain so that it runs smoothly again

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Want to learn the ropes of roadside maintenance before you go? Cycle Republic’s London stores will be holding free roadside maintenance workshops for riders in the run-up to the ride. Get more info here