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Game for The Prince's Trust

Game for The Prince’s Trust to support young people to find the tools and confidence to start their careers.

Just pick which game you want to play, set a date and set yourself a challenge. Remember, you can play solo or as a team, on a console or PC.

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All year round

Whether you're an expert gamer or are just discovering a virtual world of possibilities, we're encouraging you and your friends to switch on your consoles and set yourself gaming challenges to fundraise for The Prince's Trust.

Because when you switch on, power up and fundraise, you'll also be empowering young people to find a new lease of life through one-to-one mentoring support, which they desperately need through this challenging time to help keep their lives on track. 

How to get started

  • Register your gaming event by setting up your JustGiving page here
  • Once registered, pick which game(s) you want to play, arrange a date and set yourself a challenge. Remember, you can play solo or as a team, on a console or PC
  • Share your challenge on social media! Not only will it inspire others to get involved, but it's also a great way to boost your fundraising 

Challenge inspiration

  • Speed runs – complete your game as fast as possible
  • Completion lists – obtain all achievements in your chosen game
  • Tournaments – set up a system of points and invite your friends, family or colleagues
  • Unique challenges – a challenge bespoke to the game you're playing. This can be non-death play-throughs of survival games, completing campaigns with basic equipment, or design and build challenges in sandbox role-playing games

We'll be expanding our Game for The Prince's Trust concept very soon, populating this hub with useful tools and resources to help your fundraising go even further.

If you have any questions, talk to our events team. Contact Ada by emailing:

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