An unstable childhood had an impact on the mental health of Jack, 21, from Gloucester, and he felt lost and depressed. 

"My head felt scrambled, I went into psychiatric care more than once and tried everything I could think of to feel normal, including drugs and self-harm. I stopped eating, I stopped washing. I hated myself. My behaviour nearly blew my family apart."

Despite his inner demons, Jack completed his A Levels and found work, but his poor time keeping and bad habits meant that nothing stuck. Then his best friend died.

"I was devastated by his death. All in the space of a year I lost my step-dad and mum to cancer, and my dog died. My mental health took a massive nose-dive at that point.

But then I thought of my friend. His life had ended too soon, and I felt it was selfish of me to take mine for granted, I realised how precious life is. So I started seeking help from support services and signed up to The Prince’s Trust Team programme.

Team is a programme that builds the confidence and employability skills of unemployed young people.

Team gave me a structure and taught me to listen and respect other people’s opinions instead of judging and discriminating. I used to think I'd never make it to my 21st birthday, but I've passed that milestone and The Prince’s Trust has always been there for me. Everyone there who has supported me is amazing. They kept my head stable and made me see what is important in life.

"I work as a support worker in a residential home for adults with complex needs and want to keep progressing. I want to learn to drive, buy a car, buy a house, and one day, I’d like to buy my dad a boat. He'd like that."