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Life is tougher than ever for many young people in the UK and we know that small changes can be life-changing.

Will you give up a payday treat this #Change4Change day?

TEXT 'CHANGE' £3, £5 or £10 to 70140

The confidence young people have in their emotional health is at its lowest levels, with more than a quarter of young people feeling that they're going to fail in life, according to The Prince’s Trust Youth Index 2019. 

Laura supports #Change4Change

Have you ever thought of the impact you could make if you made one small change?

Take the price of one taxi ride, a takeaway or even a coffee – something none of us would miss in the grand scheme of things. Multiply this by the number of friends, followers, colleagues or customers. If everyone donates this small change, we will have enough change to change the lives of young people.

How you can help 

We’ve worked with YouGov to identify the most common payday treats and we want you to give one treat up and donate the cost of that treat to The Prince’s Trust to change young lives. 


All done? Thank you! Next, use our campaign toolkit and resources below to help spread the word about #Change4Change to as many people as possible. 

#Change4Change fundraising ideas

Check out our campaign toolkit

It's packed with everything you need to shout about this campaign. Get your friends and colleagues involved today.

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#Change4Change success stories

Try our #Change4Change games

Check out our #Change4Change games and quizzes to engage your workplace and help raise even more money.

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The UK's most common payday treats

Would you skip any of these to make a difference?

  • The average cost of a cinema ticket could help a young person to manage their money with a one-day budgeting session.
  • The average cost of a meal out could help a young person access a day of job interviews that may lead to a successful career.
  • The average cost of four coffees could give a group of young people on-the-job
  • The average cost of a takeaway could help fund the telephone service that connects a young person with life-changing advice.

A few extra helpful fundraising resources: