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Start something with The Prince's Trust

Whether you want to work on your confidence, gain essential skills for work or simply want to start a business, we have just the course for you. 

Are you ready to start something?
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Have you seen our new #GiveADoubt campaign with Cadbury? Share your doubt to help others overcome theirs, then join a free programme with mentoring support to help you fast-forward your future.

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We all have doubts. Share yours to help others overcome theirs   


Want help getting a job?
Boost your confidence

Our personal development programmes will help develop your confidence. Try new things, meet new people and develop essential skills at the same time. 

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Start a business

Discover business training, mentoring and funding opportunities to become your own boss with our Enterprise programme. 

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Get a job, start a career
Want to work out what you’re passionate about and gain confidence to start your career?

On our free courses you’ll get the chance to wow potential employers and learn from people who’ve already worked their way up at companies like ASOS, Sony, the NHS and Marks & Spencer.

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If you're worried or concerned about something outside of our working hours:

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