How it works

The Achieve programme is run as a club in secondary schools and alternative education settings across the UK. We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. The Achieve team exists to support you and your organisation. We can work together to ensure your students achieve things that they can be proud of.  

Behind every individual success story is a dynamic support team - let us be yours by signing up today!

What's involved?  

Young people can get involved in activities such as: 

  • Personal development and employability - young people will gain a recognised Prince's Trust qualification
  • Life skills - through engaging activities, topics such as resilience, breaking habits, health and wellbeing and employability will be explored
  • Community projects - to develop their team-working skills and allow them a chance to discover new talents
  • Literacy, language and numeracy - to gain essential skills to succeed in daily tasks such as money management 
  • Enterprise and the world of work - young people can experience what it takes to run a business and think about their career options 

How will I be supported?

Since 1998, we've been delivering education programmes across the UK so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. Once you sign up, you'll be introduced to a friendly Prince's Trust Programme Executive who will become your coach for the Achieve programme.

They'll provide you with in-depth training, support you to develop a programme tailored to your pupils' needs, check-in with you regularly to make sure you're getting on OK and be on hand in case you have any questions. 

I'm ready to sign up

Benefits of running the Achieve programme:


Our curriculum offers a wide range of practical and relevant subjects to pick and choose from, so you can tailor the programme to your students' needs and interests. Clubs can be run for the same group of young people over two or three years, or over as a little as six weeks - depending on what is right for you and your group. 

Students are empowered to take ownership of their work and be accountable for their own successes. The programme is customisable and youth-led; providing a supportive environment for them to fulfil their potential. 

Booster activities 

Through our network of partners, the Achieve programme can provide your group with exclusive opportunities for skill development.

These enrichment activities provide young people with unique opportunities to develop vital life skills, discover new interests and learn about the world of work. In addition, these special opportunities can help you to achieve you broaden your STEM offer to young people as activities can include interactive workshops on topics such as: robotics, coding, app design and science experiments. 

High-quality resources

Our online Learning Hub hosts a suite of high-quality session plans and resources which will act as a self-help guide through the curriculum. We've also included some handy hints on how to embed literacy, language and numeracy and STEM activities through the programme. 

How do I sign up?

If you work with young people who are 11 to 19-years-old in secondary education, who are at risk of exclusion, disengaged or underachieving, we want to hear from you.

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