Keep checking back on this page as more resources will be added as we approach the competition time.

Read up on our policies for all volunteers here. This is where you can find the safeguarding policy before you mentor on the Enterprise Challenge.

Stage one:

Download the Teacher and Mentor resource pack (pdf, 3mb):
This pack contains everything you'll need to deliver the classroom activity to young people, including the session plans.
Download the Energiser and Icebreaker pack (pdf, 168kb):
This pack contains a selection of icebreakers and energisers that you can use to deliver the classroom activity.
Download the Enterprise Challenge workbook (pdf, 1mb):
This is the workbook that young people complete during the classroom activity. The school will provide each young person with a printed copy.
Play the game
This is the link to the live game where teams can practise their entreprenurial skills before taking on challenge mode.
Enterprise Challenge Frequently Asked Questions (pdf, 284kb)
When playing the online business game you might find that young people need to adjust the screen size of the browser to ensure they have the best possible experience playing the game. This is a step-by-step guide on how to adjust the screensize.

If you have been a mentor this year for Enterprise Challenge we would really appreciate your feedback so we can make it even better in the future. You can fill in our feedback form here.