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Enterprise Challenge

Trained mentors lead students through activities which aim to develop young people’s enterprise skills in order to increase their confidence and raise aspirations.

Enterprise Challenge

Could your school be The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Challenge Winner?


The Enterprise Challenge is a school competition where young people are supported by trained mentors to take on a range of challenges.

By taking part young people will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop their confidence and aspirations for what they can achieve
  • Increase their understanding of the world o work and their ability to have a positive impact on their wider community and society
  • Build important skills: team work, decision making, problem solving, communication, creative thinking and resilience 

Who is it for?

The Enterprise Challenge is suitable for young people aged 11-16 of all abilities. We particularly encourage participation from students who would benefit from confidence building, personal and social development.

What is involved?

Stage one:

The first stage typically takes place between January and March. Trained mentors come to your school to deliver six hours of sessions which can be delivered flexibly over a number of session to fit with your timetable. In some areas across the UK this will be delivered virtually.

Young people compete within teams of 3-5 to play our business simulation game. Based on the concept of a pop-up shop, the game puts young people in charge of the conception and running of a brand new micro-business. From choosing what to sell and for how much, to where to set-up shop and how to attract customers - it's up to young people to build hype, get sales and make a profit.

Points go to the team that makes the most profit, puts ethical and sustainable business values at the heart of their decision making and build the most hype by thinking about the needs of their customers.

Following game-play young people work with mentors to develop and pitch their own business idea, putting into practice what they've learnt about what it takes to start an enterprise.

Stage two: 

If your local region, runs stage 2 (this varies across the UK), the teams with the highest game scores in their region go through to the regional finals to pitch their business ideas to a panel of professional experts. The teams will be supported to develop their business plan and pitch with the help of a Prince’s Trust Mentor. 

How will I be supported?

Since 1998, we've been delivering education programmes across the UK so we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. Once you sign up, you'll be introduced to a friendly Prince's Trust Programme Executive who will become your coach for the Enterprise Challenge. 

They will provide you with all the support you need to run the Challenge, including facilitating planning meetings between your school and the team of mentors who'll be supporting your teams. 

Is your school ready to compete in our Enterprise Challenge?

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