Our goal:

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and it gives every young person the chance to develop a variety of skills essential for success in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Our programmes and activities provide inspiration for rapidly evolving sectors, broadening horizons. As most jobs of the future are increasingly reliant on, and in demand of, STEM skills, we aim to bridge the skills gap and drive social mobility by supporting young people into relevant and accessible outcomes.

We will:

  • Shape delivery so that young people are confident and able to market the skills gained through STEM
  • Provide opportunities to support young people to develop basic digital skills
  • Promote the importance of STEM in life and work and encourage positive attitudes

STEM disciplines combine and integrate, solving problems great and small, and drive innovation and growth across a wide range of sectors and industries. We have recently introduced a Digital Skills unit in the PDE (Personal Development and Employability) qualification which is embedded on the Achieve curriculum. The aim of this unit is to ensure learners are confident in using their digital skills to find, present and share information, are aware of the wider uses digital skills have within a workplace and understand some of the implications to using technology as a form of communication, both positive and negative.

On these pages you'll find information, inspiring stories and resources to help you maximise STEM in your Achieve club.

If you have any STEM questions or would like to share resources or success stories of your own, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with one of the team.

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  • STEM Activities Toolkit (pdf, 1mb) You can use the activities as icebreakers, as a quick 15-minute energiser, or as longer sessions. They can work flexibly and act as complementary activities within your programmes.

  • STEM Facts Toolkit (pdf, 634kb) Use as a quick icebreaker, as energisers, conversation starters, and even as a session activity. Under each fact, there is an explanation, so you will know exactly how to present and expand on the fact if you are asked. Please use these facts as inspiration – and feel free to research different facts and come up with more as a group.

  • Essential Digital Skills Toolkit (pdf, 832kb) From navigating the web and using email to using digital tools to manage money and write CVs, this toolkit provides useful activities and resources to plan your sessions.  


  • The STEM Ambassadors programme works with schools, colleges, community groups and other organisations supporting young people, delivering engaging workshops, career talks, work experience, etc.
  • STEM Ambassadors include: apprentices, zoologists, set designers, climate change scientists, engineers of all disciplines, farmers, designers, geologists, nuclear physicists, architects, physicists, ice core chemistry technicians, pharmacists and energy analysts. They also have a near 50/50 gender split when it comes to representation with their Ambassadors as well as a 15%+ from BAME backgrounds.

Session Plans:

Any of these STEM session plans could be delivered as one-off sessions at any point in the programme, but we have also identified units of the module when they might fit in particularly well.