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Why Work in a Team

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LearnThruMusic Resources

The Princes Trust gave Dyslexic Entrepreneur Nathan John the support he required to start Rewise Leaning, the company behind the award winning learnthrumusic platform that uses music to teach the GCSE syllabus to young people. 

Nathan and his team have worked with the Trust to deliver Get Started with Music programmes and Achieve STEM Enrichment workshops all across the UK.

The latest collaboration has resulted in the creation of three songs and lesson plans to help introduce topics and provide fun activities to Achieve leaners.

Learnthrumusic Session Plan

Use this session plan alongside the song for an alternative creative session. 

Rewise Teamwork Song

“We can create a strong team to get the tasks done”

A pop inspired song outlining what team work is, the values, roles and procedures of teams. The themes of the song are based on teaching young people the importance of working with other to achieve objectives and shared goals.

Tracking Sheets 

The following tracking sheets are relevant for all areas of this unit.

Tracking Sheets (Scotland only)

Tracking Sheets (Welsh Versions)

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