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Explore your potential with xl

Our xl clubs help 13 to 19-year olds to develop the skills and confidence they need to reach a positive future, through relevant, engaging and informal learning.

The xl club really boosted my confidence. For the first time in years I felt settled and happy.

Explore Your Potential

We work in partnership with over 500 schools and centres across the UK to deliver xl clubs, and have transformed more than 87,000 young lives to date.

How it works

We provide a flexible approach to learning to support young people in schools, colleges, pupil referral units, youth centres and young offender institutes to achieve a range of skills and qualifications.

So, whether you know a young person who is struggling at school or at risk of exclusion, we’ll give you the tools and resources you need to run courses at minimal costs. And, more importantly, equip them with the skills they need to finish their education, go to college or find a job.

Supporting on everything from session plans and activity ideas to networking opportunities and exchanging best practice with other local schools and centres, we have it covered.

Our xl club courses are split into five modules:

  • Personal and social development: Working in small groups, you’ll encourage the young people to get to know each other and share their experiences
  • Life skills: Give young people the tools they need to handle a range of relevant life situations through engaging, interactive sessions
  • Community project: Discover what opportunities there are in your local community and work with the group to make a change
  • Enterprise project: Put your group’s skills to the test to lead a project that allow them to set up a mini enterprise and make a profit
  • Preparation for work: Explore career opportunities and help the group find the information they need to get to where they want to be

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How xl helps young people


Interested in running your own xl club?

If you’re a young person interested in joining an xl club, share this page with your teacher or youth worker.

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