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Unlock your potential

If you’re 11-25 and want to try a mix of activities to develop your skills and confidence, here’s the place to start.

How we can help

Finding school difficult or simply want to meet new people and try something new? We can help you to unlock your potential – and it won’t hurt a bit. 

Explore your potential with Achieve

xl club
Achieve is our new personal development programme for 11 to 19-year-olds, which offers a practical approach to learning, supporting them to fulfil their potential. 

Try something new with Explore

On Explore, which kicks off with a five-day Access course, you can try a range of challenging and adventurous activities to boost your confidence and skills. 

Discover new talents with Get Started

Get Started
Get Started is a great way to help you discover new talents. With each course focused on a theme - such as sport, art, fashion or music - you'll work in a team with others, like you, to complete a group challenge over five days. Supported by professional experts, it'll be down to you to create something brilliant. 

Boost your confidence with Team

A group of boys are tending to a garden wearing a t-shirt with the Prince
In need of a boost? Team is our 12-week personal development programme.
It might seem like a long time, but with residential , community project and work experience thrown in to develop your skills, it really does fly by. 

Talk to us

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