Our personal budget planner can help you to keep track of money coming in and out, but there’s lots of other ways that you can make your money go further.

  • Hey big saver! Whether its £100 or £1, saving money every month is a good habit to get into. If you’re disciplined enough to transfer it automatically into a separate bank account every time you’re paid, not only will it feel easier, but will also help you work towards your goals. Whether it’s a house, car or providing for your family, having that little bit extra gives you security.
  • Bills bills bills. No one enjoys opening bills, but it’s important not to get behind. Reading into how you’re spending your money – whether that’s electricity, phone usage or shopping –will also highlight areas where you can pull back and start saving.
  • Shop around. To find the best price on items takes time and organisation, so do both and enjoy the rewards.
  • Do I really need it? Asking yourself this question will help you to think about your purchases and potentially save money. For example, if you’re buying a coffee at the station every day, why not make your own in the mornings a few days a week to avoid falling into a spending trap. Prioritise. If you have debts to pay, speak to a professional about how these can be streamlined into easy payments and make sure these are one of the first things to be done each month