Our Enterprise programme, which equips 18 to 30-year-olds with the tools, skills and confidence to become their own boss, matches you with an experienced mentor to test and plan your ideas.

You can ask them anything, and they'll share useful advice and guidance - even on sustainability.

As a small business, reducing your environmental impact can help you to reduce your costs, run a more efficient business and appeal to a consumer market that is ‘going green’. You also have a legal responsibility for the impact your business has on the environment, so read on to find out how you can make your business more eco-friendly.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: Work out the size of your carbon footprint by calculating how much you spend on travel and utilities like gas and electricity. You can then use this to spot ways to reduce the amounts you use.
  • Spot new business opportunities: The general public is more environmentally aware than ever so start to think of ways you could branch into green products and services in response to a growing market.
  • Be sustainable: Take advantage of new technologies that will help you make your business greener and, where appropriate, integrate this into your marketing materials and tell your customers all about it.
  • Involve your staff: Encourage your staff to understand your business values and come up with ideas on how you can make your business greener.
  • Plan for change: Understand how changes to environmental policy can affect your business and plan for these changes. New government regulations and tax changes might mean you have to think creatively about adapting your business.

Where to go for more ideas

There are lots of sources of information out there to help you make your business greener.

  • The Environment Agency provides detailed advice and guidance by business sector for those who want to make their business greener.