Young Ambassador and Trust-supported entrepreneur Donna Price, from Cheltenham, features in our latest L'Oréal Paris #WorthSharing brand film. Through her journey with The Prince's Trust she had access to a mentor who helped her develop the confidence she needed to succeed in business.  

Having Talulah close by as someone she could approach for help, support and advice to enable her café, Pod Coffee, to thrive. 

Donna shares her top tips for making the most of a mentor. 

  • Know their worth: Mentors are invaluable for personal and professional development. They can provide knowledge, advice and encouragement to achieve your goals and to support you through life. When searching for a job or starting a business, there'll be difficult times and moments when you want to give up - a mentor will help you to keep going and stay on track. They are your secret weapon to success.
  • Listen carefully: Mentors are someone to talk to. A good mentor is someone who will listen to your plans, hear any worries and give you encouragement without judgement. 
  • Silly question?: Remember, there is no such thing as a silly question so whatever you want to know, you can ask them.
  • Be accountable: The best mentors will make sure you are accountable for your goals. Having an extra person who is invested in your success will help keep you focused. They can make sure you celebrate all your smaller achievements as well remind you of the big picture.
  • Tell them everything: Mentors can be true role models, someone to really learn from and look up to. They can bring inspiration from their own experience, mistakes and life lessons - now they want to help you.

If you're interested in starting a business, check out our free Enterprise programme. We offer training, mentorship and funding to get you started. 

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