If you choose our Enterprise programme, we'll equip you with an experienced business mentor to prepare you for the challenges ahead, so you'll be able to meet them head on. They will: 

  • Listen: Be a sounding board for your research helping you to build your business with confidence
  • Support: Encourage you to be everything you can be
  • Highlight: Be there to think of some of the finer details that you might not have considered, such as cash flow and income projections
  • Focus: Help you maintain an overview of your business goals at all times
  • Measure – Support with budgeting and sales conversion rates and website traffic statistics

Don’t worry. Our mentors won’t try and take over – they’ll simply help you to achieve your goals.

In addition to mentoring support, where available locally, you may also gain the support of specialist volunteers who can provide you with more specific guidance around challenges that you and your business might face, such as Conversational Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation.