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Exams aren't meant to be easy. As important as the outcome may feel, before you start to stress - we'd like to stress that the results you receive today don't define you or your future.

The next step is to start thinking about what it is that you want to achieve, so to kick things off, here's just some of the ways that we could help you achieve it:

Learn to thrive through Team

Getting to grips with your core subjects can sometimes play a crucial part in accessing future opportunities. So if you’ve struggled with your English & Maths skills, in addition to providing you with the confidence to move forward, our 12-week Team programme also features the opportunity to take your English & Maths know-how to the next level.
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Become work-ready with Get into

If diving straight into the world of work is more your thing, our Get into programme could be just the ticket. Ranging from 2 days to several weeks, you'll get hands on experience working with some of the most recognised employers across the UK. From healthcare and logistics, to retail and security - there's a variety of different industries to choose from.
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Open doors with a Development Award

The reality of paying for course fees, uniforms, tools or qualifications can hold many young people back when they're wanting to pursue a particular career, so that's where we can step in. With a cash grant in the form of our Development Awards, we can support you in knocking down the financial barriers that might be preventing you from achieving your goals. 
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But it doesn't stop there! There's so many more paths you can choose.

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